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Can Tigra Tree menu do following?
marksu - 12/14/2006 at 02:59 PM

Can Tigra tree menu do following?

I have product groups in form of folders.
When left clicking the folder it opens product group information page.
When right clicking the folder am menu pop up where there are different command like "remove folder", "add produt to folder" etc.
I presume I would neet to integrate the Tigra menu to get the command list?

Similar thing would then happen when clicking on product nodes which are under the folders.

Can Tigra tree menu do this or is PRO reguired?

2 Is Tigra Tree Menu compatible with PEAR DB_NestedSet?
It is at least compatible with Tigra Menu. If they use database same way Tigra Menu and Tigra Tree Menu then there should be a chance.
More info

Please anware even if you cant comment on all 2 questions.

tigra - 12/16/2006 at 09:30 AM

1. the right click action is not supported by the tree menu (some platforms don't even have right mouse buttons), but we can implement this functionality in the course of the script customization, submit your request in the support ticket to get a quote.

2. the items structure of Tigra Tree Menu is compatible with that of drop down Tigra Menu. There is no direct support for any database or any other server side software, the interfacing is always done via the server side scripts. You can find many samples for different scripting languages in these forums.

marksu - 12/16/2006 at 11:58 AM

Alkuperi??inen postittaja tigra
..., but we can implement this functionality in the course of the script customization, submit your request in the support ticket to get a quote.

Thank you rof the reply.
Sorry for my bad english but I do not understand the part above.

marksu - 12/16/2006 at 01:27 PM

Seems like some one else as weell has same needs.

That thread told me about the ticket thing.
Seems like to get that feature reguires extra payment.

Can the right / left mouse click be implemented without manipulation the javascript on user event code os something similar?

marksu - 12/16/2006 at 02:59 PM

Well I have read the document page and still left with a lot of questions.

Seems like the product do not have wery self explanatory documentation.

My need would be to get to know how tree menu can be empedded to php.
My though is to have own custom php function like insert node to database which is called from the tree menu.

How to integrate a simple menu pop up to a mouse click on a node etc.

The main need is to find out how the Tigra menu communicates with php?

Well to have to search small code bits on forum is slow process.
Seems like first after buying the pro customer as chance get the crusial php code which soposibly shows simly how the three view works.
That is of cource Tigras business desission I understand but that makes it wery difficult to figure out if the product is sutch that is reguired by particular customer.

Well maybe I am the only one who likes to know first what I am buying before getting the pro.

I am a programmer my self and there fore when buying ready made code it is crusial first to know if it realy is what I am looking for.

I might be forced to start looking for other alternatives.

marksu - 12/22/2006 at 09:06 AM

After some research I came to following conclusion.

To handle the saving of tree structure data in several sources use following free classes.

STRUCTURES - TREE(one of PEAR PHP libraries)
lisense: free for private and commersial work

Note that it does not render the three itself only handle the source data of tree structure.

It is a component which has commands on creating and editing tree structure data.
The commands are universiel so they work with any data source it supports.

Supported data sources
a?? DBsimple -the tree is saved in the DB (database) using the parent reference
a?? DBnested - the tree is saved in the DB (database) using nested sets
a?? XML - reading the data from an XML-file or XML-formatted string
a?? Array - the tree is saved in an array
a?? Filesystem - the tree represents a directory structure

Aviously the STRUCTURES - TREE it the way to go.

Read more at:

Home mirrors:

If you have any other URLs to good tutorials please contribute here!


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