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Extracting Tigra Tree Menu from Frames
B.O.B. - 8/14/2002 at 01:39 PM

I am trying to take the Tigra Tree Menu out of the frames it is in. When clicking on link though it opens a new window because it is trying to open the link the "Contents" frame.

Not being a javascript guru can you at least show which portion of tree.js deals with opening the link?

And if possible show me what I need to change it to so it changes the current window?

Thanks in advance. :)

tigra - 8/14/2002 at 02:00 PM

In tree_tpl.js modify the target as shown below:

'target' : '_self', // name of the frame links will be opened in
// other possible values are: _blank, _parent, _search, _self and _top

B.O.B. - 8/14/2002 at 09:25 PM

Thank you very much!

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