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Help! Calendar Positioning in Layered DIVs
heterophonic - 5/27/2012 at 01:00 AM

I have purchased Calendar PRO and everything works great except positioning. I have a complicated page
(see and go to auditions link, and then 'schedule audition' tab at the bottom). Anywhere I put the positioning image, the modal calendar still pops up half a page away. Is there, by any chance, a parameter I can set to give it an absolute left/top coords rather than rely on the positioning of a pixel image which, when I placed the image right next to the cal.gif it still popped up way too high and too far to the left? Moreover, you'll see that for the time being I have them all share calicon_3 as the positionname, so at the very least they popup consistently. I'd really like the calendar to popup adjacent to the cal.gif that clicks it.

Please help!

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