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dynamic calendar creation breaks the form
DanielWilson - 9/4/2009 at 07:41 PM

I need to click a "add another" link to add another set of input boxes. The set includes a text box for dates and a calendar control.

It all works ... except the calendar.

function doAddCalendar(iPaymentNum){
$('#CalDiv'+iPaymentNum).html(new tcal ({ 'formname': 'add_payment',
'controlname': 'payment_date' +iPaymentNum

If I have dummy text in there, it shows in the right spot. But with the new tcal call it shows the calendar icon, but nothing else in the window. And the browser keeps trying to load.

I'll be glad to provide more info ... but I'm trying to to bury you in too much! Thanks for any help!

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