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demo script not working Cal Pro
smincey - 8/31/2009 at 06:22 PM

I have copied the code exactly as it appears in the documentation for Cal Pro and I get "Object doesn't support this property or method". I am using IE8. In view source I can see that all files are linked correctly. Can anyone provide an answer?

<form name="test_form">
<table border=1>
<tr><td colspan=2>Modal Calendar</td></tr>
<tr><td>Just a cell</td>
<!-- Now handle calendar displaying on table cell click -->
<td onclick="A_CALENDARS[0].showcal()">Click on me!</td>
<td colspan=2>
<!-- Below control element will receive calendar date.
'name' and 'id' modifiers are required for different browsers.
The better choice is to set both -->
<input type="text" name="abc" id="abc">
<script language="JavaScript">
var CAL_INIT = {
'picttype': 'others', // a type of control element
'controlname': 'abc', // assigns 'abc' control to receive date from calendar
'formname': 'test_form',
'dataformat': 'm/d/Y h:i a'
<!-- Here is a call for your Tigra Calendar PRO see code sample below -->
new calendar(CAL_INIT, CAL_TPL);

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