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Wrong 'Today' date shown
leostar - 12/14/2008 at 06:12 AM

When I enter a valid date in the input textbox and click on the calendar icon, the 'today' date (border in red) shows a wrong date. Its shown a day after.

funta - 12/18/2008 at 01:17 PM

Same Problem here: The Today box is always 1 day ahead :(
Timezone at localhost is GMT+1 (Germany)

Version: // Tigra Calendar v4.0.1 (11/26/2008)

My Conf:


var A_TCALDEF = {
'months' : ['Januar', 'Februar', 'MA?rz', 'April', 'Mai', 'Juni', 'Juli', 'August', 'September', 'Oktober', 'November','Dezember'],
'weekdays' : ['So', 'Mo', 'Di', 'Mi', 'Do', 'Fr', 'Sa'],
'yearscroll': true, // show year scroller
'weekstart': 1, // first day of week: 0-Su or 1-Mo
'centyear' : 70, // 2 digit years less than 'centyear' are in 20xx, othewise in 19xx.
'imgpath' : 'img/' // directory with calendar images

tigra - 12/18/2008 at 10:04 PM

try this code in your page, see if the date reported by the JavaScript is correct today's date

alert(new Date());

pradeepkumarvg - 12/22/2008 at 08:48 AM

I tried your code, but one more problem calender fully shift to one column left side means
calender starts from last sunday..

marshallartsoz - 1/13/2009 at 02:35 AM

A further observation that may help...(European version 4.0.1)

I note that the first click on the calendar icon after entering the page gives the following:

Correct date highlighted with background colour
NO red box anywhere

All subsequent clicks on the calendar icon give:

Correct date highlighted with background dolour
Red box around tomorrow's date

I tried the above code, and the alert box is displaying the correct current date/time.

tigra - 1/13/2009 at 04:09 AM

Fixed. Download 4.0.2

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