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Needd to trigger an event when a date selection is made
anandrao - 11/28/2006 at 08:24 AM

Hi all
I have a dynamic HTML page and I need to trigger an event which looks at 2 other values in the form and update another field when I select a date from the calendar.If anyone has done something like this please help me out on how I can go about doing this.
Thanks a million in advance!!

tigra - 11/28/2006 at 02:31 PM

Free version: embed your code in function set_datetime inside calendar.html
PRO version: hook your function to the events in the calendar's configuration

prakashjoshi0101 - 2/27/2009 at 12:05 PM

If using Free version: instead of including calendar_us.js source copy and paste the code in you file.
then add your function call to set focus in "f_tcalHide" function you copied from calendar_us.js file.

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