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IE Crash
mheathcote - 10/17/2005 at 11:31 PM


I've been using the your calendar tool for a few months for a small application without problems. Recently I've had a few instances of IE crashing when I click on the calendar icon. The new window opens up, but then the dreaded IE crash page appears (not every time, but a few times a day).

I'm including the JS script using:
<script language="JavaScript" src="inc/calendar1.js"></script>

I invoke the calendar using:
<a href="javascript:cal1.popup();"><img src="images/cal.gif" border="0"></a>

Just below my form I have (note two elements on the form):
<script language="JavaScript">
var cal1 = new calendar1(document.forms['addaction'].elements['ACT_DUE_DT']);
cal1.year_scroll = true;
cal1.time_comp = false;
var cal2 = new calendar1(document.forms['addaction'].elements['ACT_COMPLETED_DT']);
cal2.year_scroll = true;
cal2.time_comp = false;

For info, the form&calendar are on a pop-up window spawned from the main application window using Window.Open(...etc....)

OS is Win XP SP2, browser IE 6....I've just reset the notebook back to the factory settings but the problem still occurs. Not sure if relevant, but recently we have also had a few comms issues with the hosting site

Any ideas most welcome!
Thanks, Martin

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