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Multiple Data formats
adam_lipscombe - 10/10/2005 at 12:37 PM

I am currently using the dataformat "d/m/Y". We use euro style dates: dd/yy/yyyy.

The calendar is linked to a text input field into which users can also type the date (for speed) if they want.

But, if they manually enter a date in a different format the press the calendar button the message "Input date does not meet input format is displayed"

Is it possibly to specify multiple acceptable dataformats?
I want to allow variations such as:

"01/01/05" (ie 1st Jan 2005),
"1/1/05" ,
"1 jan 05"
"1 jan 2005"

If I remove the dataformat altoigether it seems that the calendar uses American dates by default. That's about the only format I doitn want 'cos it will confuse by euro users :-)

TIA -Adam

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