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Calendar popup displays calling page
eatmypiano - 6/23/2005 at 11:32 AM

I have a page with a form, created in PHP, which works by POSTing to itself. So the form starts of with one field:

Enter Customer Number:

The user enters a customer number, clicks Next and the form redraws with

Customer: XYZ Limited
Service: o XXXX o YYYY o ZZZZ

They chose a service, click next and the form redraws again. The next line is "Enter delivery date" which has a field with the icon for the tigra calendar next to it. If you click on the icon, you get a pop-up window but it contains the page that called it, not the calendar.

It isn't anything *really* obvious like the page being called calendar.html (it's launches.php) but it's probably something reasonably obvious that I'm missing.

Any seen this and know how to fix it? I can post the code (the PHP or the HTML) if it will help.



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