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Question mark in URL
APRES - 8/11/2003 at 12:54 PM

My URL are scripts and contains therefore question mark

But menu doesn't see all after question mark. IS there a way to get it working?

nik - 8/11/2003 at 03:02 PM

Please, mention URL of your page with menu if it is possible.

APRES - 8/11/2003 at 03:05 PM

It is intranet :-(

nik - 8/12/2003 at 08:01 AM

Your menu should work with question mark in URL but if it doesn't then there is another problem. Please, mention more details for us to be able to help you.

APRES - 8/12/2003 at 11:55 AM

Menu works. It is being showed. I can choose any presumed item, but it goes not to the URL I want, so in the case ['Phone','tel.php?id=101402'],

the idea is by choosing "Phone" to go to
but it goes to
so question mark and everythin after it is being ignored

APRES - 8/12/2003 at 12:22 PM

Just a sample:

var MENU_ITEMS = [
['Menu Compatibility', null, null,
['Supported Browsers', null, null,
['Win32 Browsers', null, null,
['Internet Explorer 5+'],
['Netscape 6.0+'],
['Mozilla 0.9+'],
['AOL 5+'],
['Opera 5+']
['Unsupported Browsers', null, null,
['Internet Explorer 4.x'],
['Netscape 4.x']
['Report test results', 'mailto:[email protected]?subject=Tigra Menu Test Results'],
['Contact', null, null,
['E-mail', 'please contact us at'],
['AIM ID: softcomplex']

rock - 8/12/2003 at 12:56 PM

We've tested the sample and found that menu (Tigra Menu PRO Version: 3.0) works fine and redirects to correct page with question mark included.

APRES - 8/13/2003 at 07:18 AM

I believe you. But I check it with Tigra menu (not Pro)

rock - 8/13/2003 at 08:47 AM

The same with Tigra Menu version 2.0. It works as expected. Referred page is

APRES - 8/16/2003 at 08:16 AM

I see the difference.
I write you:
but I use:

So it works with absolute referrence, but not with relative. And with big menu structure the menu_items.js file will be few Kb more ( in my case 7 Kb ).
I can live with it. :-)
But still it is something what might be improved.

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