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Question about inserting menu.
Mark Webster - 8/8/2003 at 07:06 PM

I have generated a menu using the very helpful online menu builder. Great product and (after a few minutes) easy to understand.

This new menu has saved me time and added flexibility to my website.

Now my question: I have some difficulty understanding the difference between the demo index and the menu.js.

It isn't clear in the instruction how to place the menu into the website or which file should be used.

In order to implement the menu on my file I simply altered the index.html file until all I had left was the menu portion.

But I am certain this isn't the correct method of implementing the menu.

Could someone offer a "step-by-step" for implementing the menu into a website once the menu is created?

If there is one criticism of the site, it would be that lack of information.

Otherwise, a great site. Very helpful and much appreciated.

rock - 8/12/2003 at 08:19 AM

Please pay attention to sections 'Menu Files':
and 'Adding menus to page':
of the Tigra Menu documentation.
If you still have difficulties please contact us at

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