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Centering menu in the page ... Problems
Celso - 6/17/2003 at 01:53 PM

I bought Tigra Menu Pro. I want to center my menu. I put

// Menu alignment - (left, center, right)
MENU_POS['align'] = 'center';

within menu_tpl.js, after
/* --- geometry and timing of the menu --- */
var MENU_POS = new Array();

and nothing happened. What else should I do to make it work? Do I have to take something out or change something? Please a thorough answer.

I understand that this feature should be present in the Online Builder.

Thanks for a prompt answer.

nik - 6/18/2003 at 09:03 AM

You can find an answer to this post at:

jenrugaard - 8/19/2003 at 04:35 PM

I have a similiar question. How do you center the menu?

nik - 8/20/2003 at 06:46 AM

You should put
// Horizontal menu alignment - (left, center, right)
MENU_POS['align'] = 'center';
in menu_tpl.js file.

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