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disapearing menu items
javanist - 6/17/2003 at 12:15 AM

I use standard Tigra Menu.
If a pdf file is opened in a iframe, the
menuitems disapear behind the iframe.
Is there afix or workaround for this problem.

nik - 6/17/2003 at 07:15 AM

The problem happens because Internet Explorer doesn't draw layers over iframes. Unfortunately we haven't found the decision how to avoid such situation.

jorara - 10/1/2003 at 05:46 PM

Has a solution been found for the problem with the menu disappearing behind iframes?

nik - 10/2/2003 at 08:10 AM

Yes, the solution has been found but only for IE6+ and only in Tigra Menu GOLD.

gsergiu - 12/16/2003 at 05:27 PM

I have a web page with 3 Iframes, exactly like a frameset that fills the screen, and the menu is in the same page. I needed to do this because the menu won't pase frameborder if it is within the frame.

So .. I need menu to pass frameborder. My solution works ok in IE, but I have problems in Mozilla. The menu is not collapsed onmouseover event. Navigation within the menuarea works perfect.

Do you have a solution for me?

I've modified a little menu the source code, beacuse I need to open popup windows, but I'm sure this doesn't affect collapsing.

I haven't read TigraGold Documentation, maybe another solution was addopted. Until then you can modify the source code as I did.

and you construct the menu like this:

#set ($menuLink= "'$link.setPage($submenu.getAbsoluteUrl())', '_new', 'width=${window_width},height=${window_height},scrollbars,resizable=yes')" )

#set ($target='#')

['$i18n.getText($submenu.getText())', '$menuLink', {'tw':'$target', 'menuitem.width':'$menuitem_width','img':'${img}', 'imgRight':'${relPath}templates/navigations/img/arrow.gif' },]

It's a dinamic generation for the menu items, using Velocity.

So ... Waiting solution for how can I fix the bug existing in Mozilla browser.


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