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Location problem...
osyrys14 - 4/15/2011 at 05:45 AM

I'm wondering what it is I would have to do to make the location of the absolute instead of using the X/Y settings in the menu.js file? I tried just taking the settings out, but that just piled the menu ontop of itself like a bad accident on the 405...

And yes, I've looked through the board and not found anything on this yet...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


osyrys14 - 4/18/2011 at 03:13 PM

So, after four days, no one, including the programmers know how to make this menu be in one location on a site rather than being forced to use the x/y location setting?

osyrys14 - 4/26/2011 at 07:11 AM

Please help me with this problem, I really like the menu, and I just need it to stay within a <div> or table setting rather than X/Y settings...

jorgea - 11/2/2011 at 10:20 PM

I would suggest that you contact the administrator directly of this forum to help you with your current problem.

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