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Automatic Menu widths
rspall - 10/7/2009 at 10:46 PM

I need cross browser compatibility with Firefox and IE using Tigra Gold...

Is there anyway to make the top level menu automatically size its width?

If I set no size (and NOWRAP), IE displays the top level menu correctly, i.e. it allocates the size to match the text length.

However, in firefox the size seems to truncate at around 100 pixels!

Similarly, if I set an explicit size, IE will treat is as a minimum size, and either use the size or increase it to fit the text length correctly. However, FireFOx uses the exact size and again truncates text beyond the specified size.

I have seen other (competitor) menus implement autosizing across multiple browsers, so I was wondering whether Tigra Gold version 2.6 provides this capability?

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