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inner html image insted of text
crook17 - 6/17/2009 at 07:45 AM

hi all i am relitivelt new to tigra menu and woundering as i know it can be done how to put an image insted of text on a butten so bacicly i will have all my other buttens and this pictur butten and when cliked it will take me to serch.php here is the menu item code i need to also put another butten in to

/* Tigra Menu items structure */
var MENU_ITEMS = [
['Home', 'pages/home.php'],
['About Us', 'pages/aboutus.php', null,
['History of the club', 'pages/historyoftheclub.php'],
['Committee', 'committee.php']
['Facilities', 'pages/facilities.php', null,
['Canteen >>', 'pages/canteen.php', null,
['Breakfast Menu', 'pages/breakfastmenu.php'],
['Lunch Menu', 'pages/lunchmenu.php'],
['Dinner Menu', 'pages/dinnermenu.php'],
['Drink Menu', 'pages/drinkmenu.php']
['Sailing', 'pages/sailing.php'],
['Toilets', 'pages/toilets.php']
['Sailing Calendar', 'pages/sailingcalendar.php', null,
['Yacht Calendar', 'pages/yachtcalendar.php'],
['Cat Calendar', 'pages/catcalendar.php'],
['Duty Boat Roster', 'pages/dutyboatroster.php']
['Results', 'results.php', null,
['Yacht Results', 'pages/yachtresults.php'],
['Cat Results', 'pages/catresults.php']
['Gallery', 'pages/gallery.php'],
['Regattas', 'pages/regattas.php'],
['Information', 'pages/information.php', null,
['Weather', 'pages/weather.php'],
['Notice Board', 'pages/noticeboard.php'],
['Forms', 'pages/forms.php']
['Links', 'pages/links.php'],
['Sponsors', 'pages/sponsors.php']


plese excuse my spelling

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