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How to get started
JesseCastleberry - 9/2/2008 at 11:50 AM

I've used the free version of Tigra for a while, and due to the fact that we needed the ability to center the menu, we just purchased the Gold version yesterday. I've briefly browsed around the Knowledge base, and there doesn't appear to be much there, and I'm not finding much in the area of help on getting started.

So, how do I get started? Where are the examples? How do I convert from my free version over to Gold, and get my menus centered?


tigra - 9/2/2008 at 03:06 PM

If you created your menu with the builder then you can load your project in the builder that comes with the GOLD version and re-export it. If you created your menu manually then compare your config with the samples that come with the GOLD version and apply necessary changes.

JesseCastleberry - 9/2/2008 at 03:23 PM

Builder? I didn't know there was a builder. Where do I find that? I may just use that and re-create the menu.

I can't seen to find any samples. Where do I find those at? Where they in the .zip file that I downloaded?


tigra - 9/2/2008 at 03:45 PM

make sure you unzip the package preserving the directory structure inside.
there is _builder directory and about a dozen directories with the individual menu samples. In the root of the package you'll find the HTML page which describes the content and links to samples and builder.

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