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How to Reset the Menu after a left mouse click
greatone88 - 3/16/2003 at 01:44 AM

Howdy All,

I want the submenu list to disappear when I select it with a mouse click. Currently, I am using an Iframe and the drop down menu partially covers the iframe after I select a menu item. I need for this to go away.

I also cannot find anywhere to give a target window for my link to go to. I read a few other messages in this forum and they all say to go to the Tigra Menu and download the "Frames Version" there is no puppy by this name. I could be blind, but if I am .. it must be buried very very very deeply. Currently I am using this tag to put my content to the iframe.

<base target="content">

I don't really want to do this as I will have a few links that need to go to a new window or go to the current window.

I would appreciate any help on resolving these two issues. That or a "You can't do this" that way I can move on to the next menu creator instead of wasting time here :)


greatone88 - 3/16/2003 at 02:24 AM

Never Mind .. I figured out how to hack it. Here is what I did :

In menu.js I replaced this :

function menu_onmousedown (id) {

with This :

function menu_onmousedown (id) {
this.hide_timer = setTimeout('menus['+ +'].hide();',
if ( == id)
this.active_item = null;

This made it so that after I clicked on a submenuitem, the submenu disappeared. Hope this helps others :)


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