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Menus not displayed for non-Firefox users
jlwilkinson - 9/11/2007 at 06:33 PM

Foolishly never tested using IE 6, IE 7, or Safari, just Firefox. Worked GREAT there. Published my site and now nobody but
Firefox users can see the menus. Thoughts?

Website is

jlwilkinson - 9/11/2007 at 07:49 PM

But I'm told that v7.0 does not work quite as well.

jlwilkinson - 9/11/2007 at 07:58 PM

Under IE 6.0, I get a somewhat misleading error:

Line: 123
Char: 3
Error: 'MENU_TPL' is undefined
Code: 0

Now, line 123 doesn't exist in that file, it's only 119 lines long. But the three included Javascript files could
probably offset that some, I don't know. The source code in question has the following lines at 57 thru 59:

<script language="JavaScript">
new menu (MENU_ITEMS, MENU_TPL);

Back on lines 7 thru 10 in the <head></head> block there's the following:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="menu.css">
<script language="JavaScript" src="menu.js"></script>
<script language="JavaScript" src="menu_items.js"></script>
<script language="JavaScript" src="menu_tpl.js"></script>

And menu_tpl.js file does contain a declaration for MENU_TPL.

jlwilkinson - 9/11/2007 at 11:17 PM

But have gotten it to WORK (not pretty, but...) in IE 6.0 now; will have to try other
browsers as time and resources permit.

I wound up editing my menu_tpl.js declaration to add what I ASSUMED was optional
content (but apparently wasn't) to define css details for a 3rd level menu (which is no
longer used).

Now, at least, it works, although it isn't pretty. What lines up sharply in Firefox (and
pretty much the same in Safari for Windows) lines up wrong in IE 6.0. Have to see
what it does in Safari for Mac, and in IE 7.x as well. Wish there was firebug for those
browsers ;-P

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