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Help with Tigra javascript menu to replace frames
Delphi123 - 6/28/2007 at 09:54 AM

Based on the Show Me Demo (at top right), this tigra menu can be used for both horizontal and vertical menus. I would like to use the horizontal menu that is used on that page but I would like to turn it into a vertical menu to replace the current frame menu.

May I ask if you could please help me figure out how to do this. I would be very grateful.

Thank you very much.


tigra - 6/28/2007 at 03:29 PM

in free and PRO versions of the menu the layout of the menu is configured via "left" and "top" parameters in the menu_tpl.js

menu level is horizontal when left ~= width and top = 0
menu level is vertical when left = 0 and top ~= height

Sample config of horizontal menu block:
// item sizes
'height': 24,
'width': 130,
// offsets between items of the same level (in pixels)
'top': 0,
'left': 131,

Sample config of vertical menu block:

'block_top': 25,
'block_left': 0,
'top': 23,
'left': 0,

Both samples are from demo1/menu_tpl.js in the distribution package

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