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Tigra Menu browser issue.. need help
fireheart007 - 5/30/2007 at 08:04 PM

Hi guys,
firstly, thanks for all the help.
i am almost done with my tigra menu . but now i seem to have encountered the biggest problem of all.

the menu seems to behave differently on different browsers.
its fine with Microsoft Internet explorer 6, opera.
but i jus tried on a browser called WINDOWS Internet Explorer on a friend's pc. and there the entire menu was a lot more to the left than it should have been, thus making it out of position and out of the page area and just looking bad and not aligned in the place it should be. i havent tried mozilla firefox yet but i am goingto try now after seeing it change in Windows interent explorer. could you please let me why is it doing this? it some settings that were changed in the browser as in microsoft internet explorer at my pc is fine but in windows internet explorer in another pc is out of place. please help me on this.

one more issue with MICROSOFT Internet Explorer is that when i reduce the size of the window, the width specifically, then the menu moves to the right than it should be. thats OK i guess as its fine in a full maximized window, but still it shouldnt be out of place if the window is resized to a smaller size(by width). basically the menu is not resizing or repositioning itself according to the size of the window. its just staying in its place.
these are two issues i need help urgently. and one more information is that , my webpage is a big table aligned to the center of the page(like most sites today) and all content go in that. i have placed the menu in another table in the main table and is sized at 1 row and 1 column. so basically its just a row where i have kept the menu in.
and also another important thing u might have noticed is that the menu moves left and right only , NOT up and down out of position.
any kind of advice will be greatly appreciated as i really want to work with this fantastic menu.
thanks a bunch againn advance!!

tigra - 5/31/2007 at 07:17 PM

tigra menu is positioned absolutely: you specify the distance in pixels from top and left edges of the document. this means that it will go off sync with the centered content when you resize the browser window. The issues with different browsers are most likely caused by the content of your page rendered differently so the menu (that is always at the same pixel position) is off sync with the content. Tigra Menu GOLD with its relative positioning may be a perfect solution to both problems.

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