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1px outline for the whole submenu
randyandy - 8/20/2002 at 08:15 AM


Is it possible to have the 1px outline only arround all subentries instead of each individual one? Maybe with a table surrounding all the subentries or something like that?
It should look like a box where all subentries are inside, each one highlighting individual, just like now, but no indivuals lines arround them. I could'nt figure that out myself up to now.

tigra - 8/21/2002 at 07:03 AM

It is possible with current version, but this is quite challenging task. You need to write three wrapper functions: for first item, for last item and for the rest of items. Each wrapper should draw borders accordingly to its position so all together emulate border around menu block.

We are working on special version of the Tigra Menu with table formatting of the menu blocks. With this version block borders will be much natural.

randyandy - 10/5/2002 at 09:01 PM

Did you succeed building the special version of tigra menu you mentioned in your reply? I figured it out with the wrappers, but this is some sort of workaround it would like to replace with a final solution.

brandy - 10/7/2002 at 01:52 PM

can someone please put some more info about the wrapper, were it should be placed??

randyandy - 10/7/2002 at 02:35 PM

That's described in the documentation of Tigra Menu. It's exactly as stated there, so you can read it on their website

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