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perl server side for tigra menu scripts
tigra - 12/4/2004 at 06:13 PM

Attached perl script will generate tigra menu hierarchy dynamically based on the data stored in database.

System requirements (OS): script doesn't use any OS specific features so it will work fine on any server with perl and DBI/DBD perl modules installed.
System requirements (DB): attached version is preconfigured to work with mySQL. Since script uses universal database interface (DBI) script can be easily switched to any other database engine with corresponding DBD driver installed (postgreSQL, MSSQL server, Oracle, DB2 etc etc).
Support materials: see comments inside the script. Documentation page and step by step guides are not yet available (that's why this script isn't in official distribution). Anyway setup doesn't take a rocket scientist. Ask your questions here in forum. Answer questions when you believe you know the solution.

Script compatibility: All Tigra Menu scripts use very similar format of hierarchy structure. Attached script will work with:
- Tigra Menu v2.x
- Tigra Menu PRO (w/o item geometry support)
- Tigra Menu GOLD
- Tigra Tree Menu PRO.

With minor modifications script will work with:
- Tigra Menu v1.x
- Tigra Menu PRO (with item geometry support)
- Tigra Tree Menu

Script is distributed under Tigra Menu license (see product documentation)

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