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opening link in pop-up window with preset size/position/options ( method)
tigra - 12/2/2004 at 06:55 PM

Sometimes there is a need to open menu link in pop-up window with preset size, position and options. This can be done usgins method.

Calling this method directly from items structure opens the window but also causes invalid display in parent window. Proper way to call from tigra menu products is via javascript function:

in intms structure:
['Pop-Up Window', "javascript:nw('')", {'tw':'_self'}],

below items structure:
function nw(url, name) {,(name ? name : '_blank'),'HEIGHT=300,WIDTH=300,TOP=200,LEFT=200,scrollbars=yes');

When using call make sure the target for the link is set to '_self' or not specified anywhere (_self by default). This approach will work with all drop down and tree tigra menus.

Full details about method at MSDN:

See working sample attached.

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