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Filling form fields with Drop Down Menu
rpain - 10/17/2002 at 11:23 AM


Problem - looking for a multi-level menu which is part of a form ie allows you to select a value from the menu to go into a field.

Not especially difficult I imagine. The problems I have is that a couple of the sub menus need to have a multilist option (ie a set of check boxes).

This is for a production job site.

The system is that I need to give people the option to choose whether they are a director, cameraman, foley artist etc. I also need to allow people who are 3d animators to check options on which software they use (ie a multi list)

Any ideas would be very gratefully appreciated.


tigra - 10/19/2002 at 03:33 PM

in link attribute of the menu item put javascript statement that fills the field with the value:
javascript: document.forms['form_name'].element['element_name'].value='your_value'

double check correct quotation.

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