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Links opening in specified target window
jessica c - 1/30/2004 at 09:01 PM

Thanks for your great menu!

I'm having difficulties with specifying how the links will open. I know there were past threads in this forum on this subject but I'm confused on one thing. I used the online menu builder and the code that was generated was version 1.0. So I needed help with the target window part and downloaded the zip file on your site so I could look at examples. But that version is 2.0. I guess these two versions don't share this code.??

Could you tell me what I'm doing wrong. Apparently I'm using 1.0 and I've written:

["Title", "null",
["SubTitle", "",{'tw':'_self'}],

Not only does the first title open as (which isn't what I wanted) but the SubTitle does not open in the same window. They both launch a new window.


XP_Prem - 2/2/2004 at 10:27 AM

["Title", "null", "null",
["SubTitle", "", {'tw' :'_self'}],

you only have to put in a target, if the target is another as the same window

jessica c - 2/2/2004 at 02:32 PM

It didn't work. I took out the target window part and it still opens in a new window. When I put the {'tw' : '_self} back in I noticed an extra menu item called "undefined" added to the drop downs.

Thank you!

XP_Prem - 2/3/2004 at 11:03 AM

['Link_Cat', null, null,
['Link1','', {'sb' :'Link1'}],
['Link2',''', {'sb' :'Link2'}],
['Cat_2', null, null,
['Link3','Link3', {'sb' : 'Status_Text'}],
['Link4','Link4', {'sb' ; 'Status_Text'}],
['Link5',', {'tw' :'_blank'}]

This is a part of my menu, and it funktions, please post your complete "menu_items.js ", perhaps i will find the problem. it's all i can do at the moment.

jessica c - 2/3/2004 at 03:07 PM

this is the way it looks. they are opening in separate windows. i tried what you gave me but it didn't work - i noticed it has to be like this "Cat_1" in quotes and not 'Cat_1' otherwise the menu doesn't even appear..?
like i said before, i got this from the online menu builder.

["Cat_1", ""],

["Cat_2", null,
["sub", ""],
["sub2", ""]

["Cat_3", null,
["sub", ""],
["sub2", ""]


XP_Prem - 2/4/2004 at 07:39 AM

it doesn't matter if you use " or '
but you have to put two null behind the cat like:

['cat', null, null,

i cannot find another mistake.
should it not work after this change, please send me or attach your menu and i will look

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