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Render menus "up"
yellowWilly - 10/1/2002 at 08:01 PM


I am planning on using tigra menu in a left navigation scheme. When i mouse over a topic, I would like the menu to render going up (i.e. the bottom element in the popped up menu is at the same level as the current category). This will prevent users from having to potentialy scroll down to see all the input.

I know there is a field:

MENU_POS['block_top'] = [110, 0, 0];

Is there something similar to a MENU_POS['block_bottom'] that I can set? I have used negative values in the block_top field, and this is close to what I want. But not quite.

Will Young

tigra - 10/2/2002 at 12:16 PM

There is no value for block_bottom as it is redundant.

Take a look at:

Is menu at the bottom is what you trying to create?

yellowWilly - 10/2/2002 at 02:16 PM

that isn't quite what i'm trying to create.

I want a left hand nav system. But when the menus pop up to the right, I don't want them to potentially go down off the screen causing the user to scroll.

So when they pop-up, I would like them to generate going "up" the screen, instead of down. I think I could probably tweak the implementation of mitem_get_y() to do what I want though...any suggestions?


yellowWilly - 10/2/2002 at 03:17 PM

So to do what I wanted, I just had to make the MENU_POS['top'] values negative. So it builds the menu going up...not down.

By the way...i've gone through almost all the code you have written...and it kicks bottom. well done.

yellowWilly - 10/2/2002 at 03:18 PM


this site replaces the word 'a s s' with PC :)

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