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Santiago - 8/14/2002 at 03:25 AM

How to use include the menu in a template ?

tigra - 8/14/2002 at 06:57 AM

what kind of templates mentioned?

Santiago - 8/14/2002 at 12:38 PM

Template of Dreamweaver Ultradev (*.dwt)

nikkip - 8/27/2002 at 01:21 AM

I'm also keen to get any tips on using Dreamweaver 4 templates with a tigra menu.

tigra - 8/27/2002 at 09:08 AM

We unalbe to support third party products. Please, contact the vendor of the product in order to receive instructions on inserting JavaScript into pages.

Your solutions are welcomed in the forum.

Terry - 4/4/2003 at 04:43 AM

I can't help with Dreamweaver, but as a hand coder I import it with a SSI include. Just suck that part of the code out, and put it in a .txt file then call it with a #include.

gilowyn - 9/20/2003 at 01:11 PM

works well if you remember to do the following:

- template is in table format (I suppose)

- menu: ssi document has NO head, body, etc., just the menu code

- in the menu: distance of block from top refers to page, not table cell

- save each document using the template as .shtm

good luck!

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