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Setting Font Color
adubey - 12/24/2003 at 09:48 PM

Any help on setting font color will be appreciated. I havent had too much luck with wrappers so if you are thinking of wrappers please suggest code which incorporates the mouseover states.

MrsDeeD - 12/28/2003 at 09:52 PM

To set font, hover, and roll-over colors simply open your menu_tpl.js file (open with notepad or wordpad). Here is my file which shows colors etc.. The basic font and border colors can be set by opening your menu.css file (same as above using notepad or wordpad). REMEMBER :-) Save the changed ones in a different folder in case you "mess" up while playing around! Since I have 2 menu's - one vertical and 1 horizontal on the same page my menu_tpl.js is actually called menu1_tpl.js and menu2_tpl.js and menu1.css and so forth. Good luck - this is the FUN part!

var MENU1_POS = new Array();

// item sizes for different levels of menu
MENU1_POS['height'] = [30, 30];
MENU1_POS['width'] = [90, 110];

// menu block offset from the origin:
// for root level origin is upper left corner of the page
// for other levels origin is upper left corner of parent item
MENU1_POS['block_top'] = [77, 30];
MENU1_POS['block_left'] = [91, 0];

// offsets between items of the same level
MENU1_POS['top'] = [0, 30];
MENU1_POS['left'] = [91, 0];

// time in milliseconds before menu is hidden after cursor has gone out
// of any items
MENU1_POS['hide_delay'] = [200, 200];

/* --- dynamic menu styles ---
note: you can add as many style properties as you wish but be not all browsers
are able to render them correctly. The only relatively safe properties are
'color' and 'background'.

var MENU1_STYLES = new Array();

// default item state when it is visible but doesn't have mouse over
MENU1_STYLES['onmouseout'] = [
'background', ['#191970', '#191970'],
'color', ['#ffffff', '#ffffff'],

// state when item has mouse over it
MENU1_STYLES['onmouseover'] = [
'background', ['#336699', '#336699'],
'color', ['#ffffff', '#ffffff'],

// state when mouse button has been pressed on the item
MENU1_STYLES['onmousedown'] = [
'background', ['#191970', '#191970'],
'color', ['#ffffff', '#ffffff'],

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