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Opening links in a new window
jay - 11/5/2003 at 05:37 PM

I know this issue has already been highlighted in the forum. However I am not using any frames but would like some of the links in the online menu I built to open in another window. I have spent alot of time fiddling around to no avail. I downloaded the frames version of Tigra menu and just copied over the menu.js to my site. I amended the menu_items.js to the following:

["Staff Contacts", null, null,
["Phone Number List", "http://Intranettest/intranet/telephonelist.html", '_blank']

But this does not work and I get a run time error on line 160 of menu.js.

The questions I wanted to ask are
1) Is the above method not right, i.e. can I not use the tigra frame version if I am not using frames??
2)If the above method is right is it that I should use all the files from the frame tigra version instead of just using menu.js.
(I dont see how this can be as I assume only the menu.js file is different)

I appreciate your help as this small issue has taken up so much of my time!

jay - 11/5/2003 at 05:39 PM

PS I have tried the following too and it has not worked!

["Staff Contacts", null, null,
["Phone Number List", "http://Intranettest/intranet/telephonelist.html", {'tw':'_blank'}]

nik - 11/6/2003 at 10:48 AM

The following code is used in Tigra Menu version 2.0:
["Staff Contacts", null, null,
["Phone Number List", "http://Intranettest/intranet/telephonelist.html", {'tw':'_blank'}]
If you are using another product version you should download it from our site and replace all related files (not only menu.js) with the ones from this version.

jay - 11/10/2003 at 05:59 PM


Thanks alot for your help. I know have two menus on one page, one built using online tigra menu builder and the other one through version Tigra 2.0 so I can have links opening in a new window and they work perfectly.

Can I just say that this site has been a great help in designing my navigation. The menus are fantastic and the code is easy to follow and was flexible enough for me to modify the look of the menus.

Thanks once again!

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