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click on date problem
You can also switch these 2 values in the control panel.
4/21/2005 at 07:21 PM
by: texasaggie
Display monthly events
I looked and I noticed that you still need to change the references to my pages ("calendar151/pack_ ...
4/8/2005 at 07:45 PM
by: texasaggie
major calendar meltdown
Search in index.php (if I remember correctly) for "Demo_horizontal" and "Demo_vertical" and repl ...
4/5/2005 at 03:14 AM
by: texasaggie
1.5.1 Defaults
The default calendar value for cell valign should be "middle" and not "center".

Also, the " ...
4/1/2005 at 06:45 PM
by: texasaggie
Adding properties
Can any SC folks (or anyone else) point me to where the properties are stored from the control panel ...
4/1/2005 at 06:42 PM
by: texasaggie
Display monthly events
I was able to get the changes to display monthly events working with the new 1.5.1 version. I also ...
4/1/2005 at 06:32 PM
by: texasaggie
Display monthly events
My mods were on the old version but I am working on extending those to the new version. The new ver ...
3/30/2005 at 04:52 PM
by: texasaggie
Display all events for a particular month
Well, they did work for me;. See for an example. ...
2/27/2005 at 03:23 PM
by: texasaggie
Display monthly events
I was asked not to post the files in their entirety by SC but I did offer them back the code to incl ...
8/17/2004 at 12:36 AM
by: texasaggie
re: Some help, please?
I too had to chmod some directories but hat was about it. I took an HTML page where I had my old ca ...
8/15/2004 at 06:43 PM
by: texasaggie
Display monthly events
I was able to do this for monthly and annual events. The changes you'll need to make are in calend ...
8/6/2004 at 05:47 PM
by: texasaggie

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