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Auto Scroll w/ on deman controls
Current version allows only next/prev stop/resume controls with autoscroll mode. If you are interes ...
3/28/2006 at 09:16 AM
by: rock
Animated Previous and Next Buttons
The functionality is not implemented in current product version (it's not documented either). If yo ...
3/28/2006 at 09:05 AM
by: rock
numeber of subnudes-Urgent
I'm not sure I understand what you want, but maybe following code could help you out:

o_item = o ...
3/28/2006 at 08:56 AM
by: rock
disable IE toolbar
You can call custom function using tree control. E.g.:
['tree item', "javascript:my_function_to_ ...
3/13/2006 at 11:16 AM
by: rock
Set target using ASP genersted tree
PRO version supports independent targeting for items. With free version you could use some JS functi ...
2/10/2006 at 10:04 AM
by: rock
Multiple selection
Are you using free or PRO version of the control?
2/7/2006 at 09:59 AM
by: rock
Refreshing tree after a structure modification ???
There is no such feature in current version (v1.3) but our specialists are ready to customize it for ...
2/7/2006 at 09:58 AM
by: rock
Icon caching.
Tigra Tree has an integrated icon preloading functionality. Please refer to our [url=http://www.soft ...
2/7/2006 at 09:55 AM
by: rock
How to disable memory of selected item
There is no such feature in current version (v1.3) but our programmers are ready to customize the co ...
2/7/2006 at 09:54 AM
by: rock
link to locations in another frame
Have you specified corresponding name after the link in tree item definition? E.g.:
['PRO', 'htt ...
2/1/2006 at 01:16 PM
by: rock
link to locations in another frame
Yes, exactly as you say it - specify target name via tree template structure:
'target':'my_frame ...
2/1/2006 at 09:06 AM
by: rock
openItemByCaption() customization
It's possible to perform such functionality using open tree API.
1) possible by parsing tree items ...
2/1/2006 at 09:02 AM
by: rock
call menu onclick
What exactly is the issue?
1/31/2006 at 09:50 AM
by: rock
Level 0 reloading entire home page (free version)
Easiest way is using JS
['Home', "javascript:top.location=' ...
1/27/2006 at 03:00 PM
by: rock
older version documentation..
yes it was.

BTW: You could easily upgrade your control - please refer to our [url=http://www.soft ...
1/27/2006 at 02:44 PM
by: rock
Getting rid of gaps
PRO version has a settings to adjust the gap distance - you could set the distance to zero.
1/26/2006 at 06:37 PM
by: rock
Submenus is closed.
Here is topic with few solutions
Note: PRO versio ...
1/23/2006 at 09:15 AM
by: rock
Problem with when depth > 1
Documented openItemByCaption function openes item's parent nodes before select it - so it should no ...
1/20/2006 at 12:02 PM
by: rock
Status Bar in Firefox
FF by default disables status bar changing, so you need manually enable the feature. Actually toolti ...
1/17/2006 at 09:44 AM
by: rock
Indented Items Are Moving (Tree PRO v1.2)
Please refer to our [url=]Customer Care System[/url]
12/28/2005 at 03:52 PM
by: rock
Start Tree Menu form a certain node
You can perform described functionality only using server-side programming.
12/23/2005 at 01:40 PM
by: rock
Start Tree Menu form a certain node
What dou you mean 'Starting node'?
12/21/2005 at 02:44 PM
by: rock
Expanding node on single click - the text link
Are you using PRO version?
12/20/2005 at 01:01 PM
by: rock
DB Driving Question
There are working samples of PHP and ASP driven functionality to prepeare Tigra Tree Menu PRO hierar ...
12/20/2005 at 12:24 PM
by: rock
Double Click Action
Our programmers are ready to customize the code for your needs for low hourly rates.
Please refer t ...
12/15/2005 at 02:44 PM
by: rock
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