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Creating a Vertical menu
I am trying to make the frames version work.
I want to make a vertical menu, i.e. level 0 items sho ...
8/6/2004 at 09:03 AM
by: ntg
How difficult is it to use Gold
I am quite good at html, know only a little about css, and nothing about JS.
Is that good enough to ...
8/5/2004 at 03:52 PM
by: ntg
Tigra Menu PRO across frames?
I am quite good at HTML, not at all at JS, and know a little about CSS.
Is that enough to use Gold?
8/5/2004 at 02:06 PM
by: ntg
Tigra Menu PRO across frames?
And what is it that I pay for?
How many html pages can I use it on?
Can I use it on different webs ...
8/5/2004 at 02:03 PM
by: ntg
Tigra Menu PRO across frames?
Can TMP work across frames, I mean if I have my menu in a narrow left frame and want the popups to c ...
8/5/2004 at 09:41 AM
by: ntg
As far as I can see all the menus are configured as horizontal navigation bar.
Is it not possible t ...
8/5/2004 at 09:14 AM
by: ntg

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