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New window with no controls
ok, so I understood what you mean, and I thank you for answering so quickly.
I'm just confused ab ...
1/31/2003 at 05:43 PM
by: mtlguy123
Problem #1 Solved! Still have #2...
Ok! I figured the javascript part!

I am still pretty curious about the ASP/Access part though... ...
1/30/2003 at 08:35 PM
by: mtlguy123
New window with no controls
In the Javascript, make that 'windowpart=no', where windowpart can be replaced by scrollbars, tool ...
1/30/2003 at 08:22 PM
by: mtlguy123
New window with no controls
Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to have a new window without any scrollbars, status, toolbars ...
1/30/2003 at 08:14 PM
by: mtlguy123
Correct syntax
Sorry, I meant to say [i]"Then I wish to [b]choose[/b] something from the second level of the menu ...
1/27/2003 at 07:33 PM
by: mtlguy123
Keeping onmouseover menu colour
Hi, say I have the first level with a red background (onmouseout). It turns green when the mouse is ...
1/27/2003 at 07:30 PM
by: mtlguy123

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