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how to customize time format?
Not sure exactly what you want to do differently.... but if all you want to do is adjust the allowed ...
6/3/2005 at 06:59 AM
by: katAttack
alphanum should accept spaces
Quite simple once you see this.

'alpha' : /^[a-zA-Z.-]*$/,


'alpha' ...
6/3/2005 at 06:07 AM
by: katAttack
how to customize date format to MM/DD/YYYY
Important think to note, there are two issues being dealt with in the example above.

1] The use o ...
6/3/2005 at 05:45 AM
by: katAttack
Custom Form Field Styles *saved* from destruction
I don't know how many of you find this 'feature' annoying but I did and I did something about it! ...
6/3/2005 at 01:10 AM
by: katAttack
Check for checkbox
I have checkboxes working, both as <b>isolated</b> one off elements and as <b>coll ...
6/3/2005 at 12:51 AM
by: katAttack
Validator doesn't work with nested forms?
From what I read on the product pages you need to license the PRO version as it supports multiple fo ...
6/3/2005 at 12:29 AM
by: katAttack

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