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Tigra menu not appearing correctly in IE9
This is the coding that I have been using in the menu_tpl.js file so that the menu looks correct on ...
10/14/2011 at 01:23 PM
by: JacintaBennett
Tigra Pro -
I have created a menu for a website which is in a subdirectory of the root file, i.e. www.twb.cathol ...
6/16/2009 at 03:29 PM
by: JacintaBennett
Creating a site map from tigra pro menu
Hi, I was just wondering if it is possible to somehow automatically create a site map from the menu_ ...
6/16/2009 at 03:23 PM
by: JacintaBennett
width of images in smaller browser windows
Fader is working wonderfully for me until I reduce the size of my browser window to smaller than the ...
7/30/2008 at 01:25 AM
by: JacintaBennett
menu last item to load on page
Hi everyone
I am using Tigra Menu Pro - when my sites load the menu is the last item to appear. I ...
7/24/2008 at 09:28 AM
by: JacintaBennett
Tigra Menu Pro - Firefox -menu center aligned
Yes - checked both the menu.js and the menu_tpl.js - both appear to be correct. The odd thing is th ...
3/25/2008 at 02:52 AM
by: JacintaBennett
Tigra Menu Pro not centred in Firefox
I have double checked all my coding to ensure that the initialisation code is at the end of the body ...
3/25/2008 at 12:33 AM
by: JacintaBennett
Initialisation Code
Thank you so much for your response. Would you mind telling me (please excuse my ignorance) but whe ...
3/4/2008 at 09:04 PM
by: JacintaBennett
Tigra Menu Pro - Firefox -menu center aligned
I realise this question has been raised on this forum before however I have read all of the replies ...
3/3/2008 at 09:45 PM
by: JacintaBennett

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