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Integration/Missing Files
One more thing on the quotes..... make sure to use single ' quotes and NOT double " quotes
12/20/2006 at 11:51 PM
by: HappyFeet
remove all user options

Could you give the file name you edited and maybe past the code you edited also for a lit ...
12/20/2006 at 11:41 PM
by: HappyFeet
Calender Installs - But login fails?
Find the global.php file and edit the paths to be the same as in calendar.php

That should fix you ...
12/20/2006 at 02:31 PM
by: HappyFeet
Installation okay but cannot access control panel
If the paths you have in calendar.php are working then change the paths in global.php to the same. ...
12/20/2006 at 02:23 PM
by: HappyFeet

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