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...can you...
create me a sample link how to reload?

That will be really great...thanks
7/13/2006 at 11:54 PM
by: Catron
and this...
how i want to have can i get? :-(
7/13/2006 at 12:32 AM
by: Catron
I don't understand that...
what means Nop?

Can you maybe explain a little bit more how i can open a different frameset under ...
7/13/2006 at 12:31 AM
by: Catron
can you make me a sample for it
['TUI LastMinute', '', {'tw': ...
7/11/2006 at 12:57 PM
by: Catron
Frameset targeting

i use a frameset with a top and a bottom frame. The Menu is in the top frame and the most ...
7/11/2006 at 01:00 AM
by: Catron
thank you runs... :-)

but now i'm standing for another prob... :-(

1. If i go and ...
6/29/2006 at 03:32 PM
by: Catron
Frames overlapping
I changed it but it doesn't help.

I'm also check the frames sample pages, but i see no differen ...
6/26/2006 at 11:55 PM
by: Catron
Frames overlapping
So, now I'm the next :-(
I read all the topics about the frames but i still don't understand!
I h ...
6/26/2006 at 01:24 PM
by: Catron

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