Back and forth in years

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Back and forth in years

Postby Ostro » Thu Oct 17, 2013 2:54 am


while using the Calendar we encountered a small issue:
When limiting the possible dates to "tomorrow until today's date next year" it is possible to use the select box for the year to jump to 2014. However, there's no way to get back to 2013 with the select box* but using the + and - of the year works! Using the - it jumps back to 2013 and selects tomorrow instead of today (which is blocked).
I'm guessing the - and the select box use different functions to work?
Or am I doing something wrong and can fix it myself?

Another issue that comes with this is: when on 2014 and using the select box to get back to 2013 (nothing happens) the box will still show 2014 and the 2013 option disappears from the box. The + and - still work, though!

* I thought this might probably be because "today's date" is not allowed in 2013 but I changed the limit to "day after tomorrow's date next year" and it still wouldn't jump back to today or tomorrow this year (using the select box)
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