callback functions

Free Javascript/DHTML component for the websites that adds vertical and horizontal trackbar capability to the HTML forms similarly to the controls widely used in desktop applications. The position of the handler is translated into the value from specified range and placed in existing input box of the HTML form

callback functions

Postby phpsourcerer » Fri Jun 29, 2012 3:24 pm

found this thread in the old forums when I had that problem. I found another way (with the current version 1.0.3):
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if (this['dragCallback']) this['dragCallback'](n_value);
as the last line in function f_sliderSetValue (i.e. line 100) and when you add an option "dragCallback" with a function name, that function will be called with the current value when the slider is dragged.

It should also be possible to do the same stuff in the functions f_sliderMouseUp and f_sliderMouseUp, but you must use "this.n_value" instead of just "n_value" and - of course - other parameter names.
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