Submit form on change event in tigra slider control

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Submit form on change event in tigra slider control

Postby chemari » Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:08 am

Hi all! I was wondering if it was possible to make my form submit after moving the slider without press any submit button.
Finally I made it by changing the javascript code:

First of all I added a parameter n_submitonchange to the slider initialization:

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var A1_TPL = {
                'b_vertical' : true,
      'b_watch': true,
      'n_controlWidth': 16,
      'n_controlHeight': 120,
      'n_sliderWidth': 15,
      'n_sliderHeight': 16,
      'n_pathLeft' : 1,
      'n_pathTop' : 1,
      'n_pathLength' : 103,
      's_imgControl': 'img/bluev_bg.gif',
      's_imgSlider': 'img/bluev_sl.gif',
      'n_zIndex': 1
var A1_INIT = {
                's_form' : 'formpricemin',
                's_name': 'sliderValueMin',
                'n_minValue' : 0,
                'n_maxValue' : 600,
                'n_value' : <? echo $filter['minprice'] ? $filter['minprice'] : '0' ?>,
                'n_step' : 1,
                'n_submitonchange': 1

            new slider(A1_INIT, A1_TPL);

This way I can make my changes only affect the form I want to by setting this parameter 1 or 0.

Now we go to the main JS file slider.js and add modify the function f_sliderMouseUp (just new 4 lines):

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function f_sliderMouseUp (e_event, b_watching) {

   if (window.n_activeSliderId != null) {
      var o_slider = window.A_SLIDERS[window.n_activeSliderId];
      o_slider.f_setValue(o_slider.n_minValue + (o_slider.b_vertical
         ? (o_slider.n_pathLength - parseInt( + o_slider.n_pathTop)
         : (parseInt( - o_slider.n_pathLeft)) / o_slider.n_pix2value);
      if (b_watching)   return;

                var form_name = window.A_SLIDERS[window.n_activeSliderId].s_form;  // We get the form name and store it
                var submitonchange = window.A_SLIDERS[window.n_activeSliderId].n_submitonchange; // we get the submitonchange parameter

      window.n_activeSliderId = null;
      window.n_mouseOffset = null;
                if (submitonchange=='1') {
                    document.forms[form_name].submit(); //Submit the form!

   if (window.f_savedMouseUp)
      return window.f_savedMouseUp(e_event);

Ready to go!
Now if you touch the slider the form will automatically be submited.
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