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Continuing the "Force Onchange" thread from old forum

PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2012 8:51 am
by netroam

I'm a happy user of the Tigra Calendar product but I have a bit of an issue related to the Force Onchange thread from the old forum at this URL:

I've gotten the onChange code working which makes it possible for me to add a javascript that copies a date input from 1 popup calendar to another input field. However, I need this second input field to also be a Tigra Calendar, so the user is able to "override" the copied value. Let's take an example.

I'm creating a form for employee resignation so the HR department for example provide the date 12/31/2012 in the resignation date field. This is copied to a new date field which handles cancellation of the employee's mobile device. But if the HR department has made a special agreement with the employee they should be able to overwrite this date to 03/31/2013 for example. But when I click a new date, it just keeps resetting to the date picked in the first date field.

How can I make it possible to overwrite?